One of the downsides about living it up in Oz is that you miss some great television – Love/Hate, The All-Ireland Finals to name a few!

Earlier I posted about using Unblock-Us as a way to get access to foreign Netflix catalogues, but you can also use Unblock-Us to watch location restricted streams from around the world!

To view RTÉ player this way is simple, follow the instructions I linked to in my previous post to get Unblock-Us set up on your laptop/portable device, then make sure that your region is set to Ireland, your screen should look like the image below (this can be found on the front page of


If your screen looks like the image above, you’re ready to go!

Just head over to and you should now have full access to all of RTÉ’s finest shows.

If you’re having problems, leave a comment below, or on my Facebook page and I’ll see what I can do!