We’ve all seen images from NASA’s moon missions – the iconic moon buggy, the flag, pictures of Earth on the moon’s horizon – but what if I was to tell you there was a catalogue of over 8,400 pictures from various Apollo missions that you could look at right now? Yeah, I would be excited too – very excited!

Tucked away with the long list of scientific instruments on all Apollo missions were a handful of Hasseblads, these cameras captured an impressive amount of detail, given their time in history. Over the past number of years, the guys behind the Project Apollo Archive have been scanning and digitally archiving these images.

The Project Apollo Archive serves as an online reference source and repository of digital images pertaining to the historic manned lunar landing program. The Archive was created by Kipp Teague in February 1999 as a companion web site to his “Contact Light” personal retrospective on Project Apollo. The Archive is also companion to Eric Jones’ comprehensive Apollo Lunar Surface Journal.

Over the past week or so, a large chunk of these images have been uploaded to the Project Apollo Archive’s Flickr page. More pictures will be uploaded as time goes on, currently we are still missing some pictures from Apollos 7, 8, 9, 10, and 13.

Below are some albums to get the juices flowing … then be sure to head over here to view all 8,450+ photo’s in all their glorious detail!